$32 Billion Market Expected For Agriculture Drones

Originally posted on Newsweek on December 4, 2016 Agricultural efficiency is poised to take a big leap with drone technology now that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is streamlining regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles. A recent report from  PwC  pegs the addressable market for agricultural drones to be worth a whopping $32.4 billion, second only to infrastructure. That's [...]

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7 Drone-Based Business Ideas For 2017

By David Mercer Originally posted on VentureBeat on October 23, 2016 Drones have arrived. We’ve seen a plethora of ideas springing up around drones and their potential uses for business – aerial surveying and reporting, real estate assessment, wedding photos, sports action photos, to name a few. And with plenty of new software and hardware coming out [...]

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Quebec Counting on Aerospace for Economic Leadership

By Paul DeleanOriginally posted on Montreal Gazette May 30, 2016Calling aerospace as vital to Quebec as automotive is to Ontario, provincial cabinet minister Dominique Anglade on Monday unveiled the government’s new blueprint for development of the industry over the next decade.“The aerospace industry is 40,000 jobs in a sector that’s a research leader,” she told a luncheon [...]

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Hillsboro becoming a hotspot for unmanned aircraft research

By Brandi Jewett Originally posted on inforum.com on Feb 24, 2016HILLSBORO -- With a shout of "clear," an unmanned aircraft shot up from the gravel road Monday and armed with a camera, floated toward the subject of the day's photoshoot: a utility pole.As the wind whipped by, the unmanned aircraft held its own and continued taking [...]

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